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Summer Extravaganza

Hi Everybody!

It's time for a new quarterly prompt here at One_Prompt. I thought that just for summer, we'd shake things up a little bit. Was there an earlier prompt that you were working on that just never quite came together for you? Are you wishing that you had come up with something from a past prompt and sad that you missed your chance? Did you write one story for a prompt, have a great idea for a second story and run out of time?

Well, be sad no more! For summer, we're going to rewind and play a round of prompt catch up. We've done eight prompts so far with varying levels of participation. For fun, I thought we'd put all eight previous prompts into play and let you have at them. The really ambitious among you can write a story for each prompt. Or the really, really clever can come up with one story that somehow incorporates each of the prompts. Or, you know, you can just choose the prompt that speaks to you and write to that one. :)

In original order of appearance, here are the prompts:

*Racing the Clock

*Well? Can you fix it?

*Sometimes I think to myself "This is it...This is going to be the day we have a nice, sane, boring mission."



*That's the last of the coffee

*Cabin Fever

*I think we made a big mistake


A few reminders:

* An overview of the rules can be found at the front page.

* Guidelines for posting your story are here

* Questions? As always, feel free to ask them here.

* Even if you post your story in its entirety in the comments to this post, you are encouraged to post it to your personal journal too—just be sure to keep it private until the day of reveal.

*Do you have prompts to suggest? Post them here.

Dates to know:

August 31: Primary deadline

September 1: Comments (stories) unscreened

September 5-ish: I will create a new post consisting of an index with links to each story. If you want your story to be included in this index, it must be submitted by that date. Stories may be submitted after June 5 and I will do my best to update the index, but please remember that late additions might not be added to the index.

October 1: A new prompt will be announced.


I've only been here for the last 2 prompts so...

This one:
Sometimes I think to myself "This is it...This is going to be the day we have a nice, sane, boring mission."

Use that as the first line of the story and the plot bunnies just explode, lol.
The possibilities are pretty limitless, aren't they? :)
Hee! That's what I did, except I never finished the story. :-\ I think I may have to dig that one out of the moth balls again...
I like this idea! We'll see if my plot bunnies cooperate to answer the three prompts I've missed so far :D
I'm hoping my plot bunnies will choose to cooperate with me too.
I did a double drabble for one of the prompts, then remembered the deadline and don't-post business...

But will polish and maybe even do some more :)

My humble offering...

Title: This Is It...
Author: Sally M
Prompt: Sometimes I think to myself "This is it...This is going to be the day we have a nice, sane, boring mission."
Characters: Jack, Teal'c, Sam, Daniel
Rating/Category: (PG13/Gen)
Spoilers: none
Summary: ... He said. And he was right.
Notes/Warnings: none

A double drabble (exactly 200 words), it can be found here

Edited at 2011-09-02 08:13 am (UTC)

TITLE: Olfactophilia 1/1
AUTHOR: campylobacter
BETA-READERS: Many thanks to magnavox_23 for early story consultation, & to oceania for taking a righteous machete to the final draft.
PAIRING: Daniel/Vala
RATING: NC-17/Adult/FRAO (sexually explicit)
CATEGORY/GENRE: smut; missing scene
DATE: 9 September 2011
TIMELINE/SPOILERS: 9x04 "The Ties That Bind"
ARCHIVE: permission granted; drop me a URL after you archive so I can link to it
DISCLAIMER: MGM heartily doesn't endorse unauthorized, pornographic derivative works of content it owns but refuses to continue with more movies.

NOTES: Written for the one_prompt Summer Extravaganza 2011 "Breathe". Raunchiest thing I've ever written for Stargate, but with a hint of vanilla overtones.

SUMMARY/SYNOPSIS/PREMISE: Vala left a little something behind in Daniel's bed before he kicked her out.

Read "Olfactophilia" (NOT SAFE FOR WORK!) ...

Edited at 2011-09-10 07:21 am (UTC)