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suzannemarie in one_prompt

good heavens, time flies

I was going to be so much better about posting reminders. A summer resolution, if you will. However, summer has flown by and here we are approaching the middle of August with my first reminder that there are story opportunities in play.

For the summer we decided to do something special and have released a reprise of all the prompts that have been used so far--a total of eight. You can do a story for one, a story for each, or any number in between. Or, you know, a bunch of stories for a single prompt. Whatever your hearts desire. But we'd like to see the stories done by September 1.

Wondering what the heck I'm babbling about? Here's the post with the list of prompts and the procedure for posting the finished product.

Questions? Feel free to ask them here.


I'm a little confused (and probably a little blankminded) but could you tell me where I post my humble entry?
So sorry for the late reply. It's been one of those weeks. Go ahead and post to the comments section of this link. The comments are screened and will be unscreened (along with an announcement) on the first.

You can either post the entire story in a comment--or series of comments, or, post a link to the story on your own journal. We just ask that if you are posting it to your journal that you keep the entry locked until the day of reveal.

Looking forward to seeing what you've got! :)

ETA: Also here's a link to an overview for the posting of stories.

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