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traycer_ in one_prompt

One more week!!

Bad mod is being very bad. This is one of those times when I need suzannemarie's flogging icon. Eep! I need to get back into the swing of things again.

Actually, I think the more accurate phrase is that I was "slacking" in my mod duties, but I'm here now to let you all know that we only have one more week until the reveal date for this round of prompts. One more week to get everything written and squared away, and oh I am so hoping for lots of fics. Have you written any yet? Are you writing for us? Come on and join in on the fun! We have lots of prompts to choose from this time around, all from past rounds. So dust off those WIPs you have that sprang from these prompts and submit them as comments over here.

What are you waiting for? August 31st will be here before you know it!

And just as a reminder, here are the prompts you can work with this round:

* Racing the Clock

* Well? Can you fix it?

* Sometimes I think to myself "This is it...This is going to be the day we have a nice, sane, boring mission."

* Breathe

* Catastrophe

* That's the last of the coffee

* Cabin Fever

* I think we made a big mistake

We had some great stories the first time these prompts were offered. I hope we can get a ton more!


I just realized that a story I'm working on RIGHT NOW fits the prompt "Breathe" to perfection!
That's fantastic news!! *bounces* We'll take all the great fics we can get. :) Looking forward to reading it!
Are we able to put the fics up now?