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suzannemarie in one_prompt

Prompts Away!

Here’s the thread for prompt submissions. As an idea comes to you, please feel free to offer it here. As new ideas come to you, please make a new comment rather than editing/adding to an existing one. Comments will be screened.

Each quarter, a new prompt will be selected from this thread. You don't have to be a member of the community to post prompts or responses to prompts. No sign-ups are required -- everything is done on an at will basis.

Anyone can submit a prompt, even if you don't plan to write a fic.

A word, a phrase, a brief quote, or a situation is the idea here--whatever might inspire a fic. For example:

*Safety First
*A horrible, rotten, no good day for Sam
*The valley of the shadow of death

While the community construct means that working through every prompt will be a leisurely process, all suggestions are welcome and appreciated. A large pool of prompts will help to maintain variety and freshness.

[*Additional note: The sample prompts above are for demonstration purposes and are not considered part of the prompt pool. All prompts used will be selected from the suggestions offered in the comments.]