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NEW PROMPT: Unsung Heroes

Okay, so I'm a little late with this one, but I think that we can still come up with lots of fantastic fics for this round. Right? In fact, I thought it would be a good time to focus our thoughts on the unsung heroes that help support our favorite people in Stargate! With that in mind, I've chosen a prompt from our list that is right up our alley:

Walter the chevron guy saves the day.

What do you think? Can you come up with something for Walter? Remember, it can be crack!fic, serious, adventure or even all in his own mind. lol Don't forget, it can also be a crossover, so whatever you come up with will be great!! And I'm anxious now to read all about the adventures of Walter the Chevron guy!!

Please post your story/intro to story in this post. All comments are screened until reveal day, December 1st. As always, if you were the one who suggested this prompt, you may comment to this post to identify yourself. Your comment will be unscreened along with the stories. You are also welcome to remain anonymous if you prefer.

There is no theme or challenge for this cycle of stories. Go wherever the prompt takes you as long as it’s an SG-1 story.

A few reminders:

* An overview of the rules can be found at the Front Page.

* Guidelines for posting your story are here.

* Questions? Ask here.

* Even if you post your story in its entirety in the comments to this post, you are encouraged to post it to your personal journal too—just be sure to keep it private until the day of reveal.

Dates to know:

October 1: Prompt revealed

November 31: Primary deadline for story submissions

December 1: Comments (stories) unscreened

December 5: I will create a new post consisting of an index with links to each story. If you want your story to be included in this index, it must be submitted by that date. Stories may be submitted after December 5 and I will do my best to update the index, but please remember that late additions might not be added to the index.

January 1: New prompt announced. Submissions for “Walter the chevron guy saves the day.” will be closed.

Happy writing!


Not Today - Part 1

Title: Not Today - Part 1
Author: nymaeria
Prompt: “Walter the Chevron guy saves the day”
Characters: Walter, General Hammond, with a hint of SG1
Pairing: N/A
Rating/Category: G/Gen
Spoilers: End of Season 1 of SG1
Summary: It wasn’t every day Walter helped save the world.
Notes/Warnings: Set at the end of Season 1, toward the beginning of “Within the Serpent’s Grasp.” Title is a reference to a Game of Thrones quote, “What do we say to the god of Death?”

Walter could not believe the day he was having. First, he’d overslept and had had to rush to work. Once he finally got in, General Hammond had been particularly upset with him because there were several visiting VIPs here to evaluate the Stargate program. He’d hurried to get General Hammond and the visitors some mid-morning coffee and in his haste had fumbled and spilled it all over himself, straight down the middle of his pants. He’d already used his backup uniform he kept in his locker after the incident with SG8 yesterday evening, when he’d collided with them on their way to deliver a “gift” from the people of P3X-751. He’d ended up covered in smelly, purple goo and had promptly broken out into hives. So no, there had been no replacement pants this morning, which meant he had to walk around the SGC all day with a brown liquid stain running down his legs. Then later when he’d gone to lunch, he’d heard some rumors going around the base that Apophis had launched an attack on Earth that could arrive any moment now. So in addition to the awful way his day had started, it might end with the end of the world. To top it all off, he was way behind on his paperwork.

After lunch, Walter hurried back to his station. SG7 was due to leave on a mission to P4Y-337 and he was needed to dial the gate. They were training up some new arrivals in his department at the SGC, but Walter just didn’t feel comfortable with anyone else confirming that chevrons had locked in place. It was just too important to hand off to some newbie with no gate-dialing experience. He’d brought a fresh coffee from the commissary, where he’d talked Amy, who worked in the kitchen and on whom he had a bit of a crush, into steaming some milk for him to make a latte. He couldn’t wait to get back to his station, send off SG7 and finally have a couple of minutes of quiet to enjoy his latte and catch up on some paperwork. He felt a happy thrill of anticipation that his day was finally going to get back on track. Hopefully it would end better than it had started. Now if only Apophis could just hold off for a day or two on ending the world, he’d be grateful. But the way things were going, he probably wouldn’t. Jerk.

Walter rushed through the corridors and decided to take a shortcut by the locker rooms and the armory. He usually avoided this route because it was filled with much taller (and if he were being honest, much fitter) SGC members coming and going on missions. They often seemed to be not looking where they were going, and Walter always seemed to be the one to pay the price. It wasn’t his fault that they rarely noticed him. But he had such a small frame that collisions between him and the frontline team members didn’t usually go in his favor, so he’d taken to diverting his path. But today there weren’t any teams scheduled to go offworld, well, except for SG7, and they should already be geared up. Walter clutched his latte and hurried through.

As he rounded the corner, he saw the members of SG1 sneaking out of their locker room. Walter stopped, confused. They weren’t supposed to be heading out today, and yet they were fully geared up, and in their black, stealth gear, no less. Walter watched as they made their way to the armory. Captain Carter glanced around behind her as they ducked inside, but she failed to notice Walter. Thanks a lot, Walter sighed, no one ever notices me. Walter shrugged off his annoyance and snuck closer to the armory door.