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traycer_ in one_prompt

Looking for some Walter fics!

Hey there! Just checking in to let you all know the deadline for submitting a story for this round is coming up in two weeks!! Have you written anything about one of our favorite minor character yet?


Well let's get to it! "Walter the chevron guy saves the day." And he's done it in a small, inconspicuous way. Or maybe in a grand way - and nobody notices. Or even... okay, I confess. I'd love to see him interacting with Ba'al's hologram while they wait for General Jack to show up. Hee! That would be a great fic in of itself!!! :) Ah, if only I had the time...

Well??? Come on. Let's give Walter some love and write a story that's all about him. Give us your best shot!

And I'd love to hear if you are writing a story for this round. Sound off if you are and feel free to cheer or encourage others on! We need some fic to read by the firelight.

Chevron technicians are awesome in their own right. Let's show the world what they can do!!