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suzannemarie in one_prompt

who? what? why? where? how?

Got questions?

Here's the place to ask them.


when do you start?
The plan is to put the first prompt out on July 1, with story reveals on September 1-ish.

There are another 2-3 informational posts that will be going up in the next day or. (I'm parcelling them out a bit to try to minimize the spam factor for those who are already watching the comm.)
How are you choosing the prompt(s)?

It will be at the discretion of the mod who kicks off a new quarter.
:) I think I like the magnets idea better.

Well, ideally, every prompt will see the light of day. But given the nature of this particular set-up, getting through a high volume of prompts will be a slow process. (Provided there's even enough ongoing interest to keep at it.)
*squints* Whoops. That totally came off as a complaint, didn't it? Sorry. I simply meant magnets was a good explanation.

Moderator choice is just peachy. :)
Hee! No problem. (I have a tendency toward unnecessary pre-emptive over explanation when I'm doing new things.)

I am glad that you asked the question, because for some reason that's the thing that's started me thinking about possible themes for down the road.

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How do you feel about Gateverse crossovers? (With a strong SG-1 component, of course.)
I'm not a mod, but I think I remember suzannemarie mentioning in her journal that SGA/SGU crossovers would be fine.
Looks like you're right. Thanks! :)
Yes, what Aurora said.

SG-1 should be the main component, but crossing over to other parts of the Gateverse are more than welcome
Excellent! Thank you!
If this com for purely fic or are you guys open to comic-like format/sketches/art that features the prompt?

I've occasionally done cartoons for sg1_five_things, so I thought I'd see if it's something allowed here.
I think that would be fabulous!

The thought had occurred to me at one point, but then I never got back to it. I'll add something about that into the information page in the near future. Thanks! :)

posting access?

what is the procedure for posting access?

Re: posting access?

Right now we're set up that the mods create new posts (calling for entries, announcements, etc.) but anyone can comment. You don't have to be a member to contribute to any post. Does that help?

Re: posting access?

yes, thanks. i'd like to write something for the prompt.

Re: posting access?

Hurray! Looking forward to seeing it.
I want to promote the one_prompt community. Do you have a banner that goes with the icon?
I made the icon, so I'm sure I can make a banner for it.

What size do you want?
- 468x60 "full" banner?
- 120x60 "button" banner?
- Some other standard size?
Ooh, if you can make a 468x60 *or* a 720x300 will look purty behind LJ-cuts!

A 120x60 button is handy, but a lightweight "preview" size optimized for some of the narrowest LJ layouts would be best... perhaps no wider than 400? LJ Scrapbook auto-generates 320px-wide previews, but I prefer graphics artists to do the re-sizing optimization because the quality's not so arbitrarily automated.
These one_prompt graphics are beautiful! I love it when SG-1 wears black. :D Thank you so much!

Perhaps suzannemarie could make a master promo post for Recent Entries?
Stupid LJ. Let's try that again:

All images are here:





I've noticed that LJ randomly borks image displays for no reason. No worries -- the link you provided let me d/l all the graphics without fuss.
Well, apparently it isn't LJ this time... it's Firefox. I can see all of them just fine in Chrome.
LMAO Referrer error!

I'm in Chrome, and the 468x60 & 120x60 are fuxored, but display in Firefox for me.
Oy... just... oy...

just joined


I've just joined live journal last week and found the community. Is it too late to post?

Re: just joined

I'm so sorry to have been so silent. Real life has intervened and I haven't been keeping up as well as I would like on correspondence and I completely overlooked your question.

Please do join in. It's a very laid back atmosphere here and people are welcome to participate as much or as little as they wish. Participation is welcome at any time.