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suzannemarie in one_prompt

Story posting information

You’ve finished your story. Hurray! Here are your posting instructions.

All stories should use a header as follows:

Pairing: (if applicable)
Rating/Category: (eg, NC17/Gen or R/Slash)
Spoilers: (if applicable)
Notes/Warnings: (if applicable)

With the header done, you’re ready to proceed. There are two options:

1. Post your story as comment fic to the prompt post. If your story is too long to fit into one comment, post the first part in one comment and subsequent parts in serial order. Comments will be screened until the day of the reveal.


2. Post the story in your personal journal and provide a link to it in the comments to the prompt post. When you choose to provide a link, please precede it with the header information from your story. Example:

[ header ]

[ link to My Great Story ]

Please keep the story private until the day of reveal. Once the stories have gone live here at one_prompt, it will be time to unlock the story at your journal.

Use your fic title as the the title of your comment. For example, if the title of a story is How Teal’c Won the Great Dessert-off Battle, that would also be the title of the comment entry. If you are posting as comment fic and you require more than one comment for the same story, add Part 1, Part 2, etc. to the comment title as appropriate.


Deadlines will be given when each prompt is announced. Generally speaking, the due dates for stories will be around February 28/May 31/August 31/ November 30. The reveals for stories will be around March 1/June 1/September 1/December 1. A few days after the reveal, there will be a round up post that will contain a list of links for all of the stories submitted. In order for your story to be included in the index, it must be posted by the day for which the round up post is scheduled. This date will be clearly stated on the prompt post. After the index is posted, you can still submit stories for a period of time, but they will not be included in the index/round up. Once a new prompt is announced, the previous prompt will be closed to new stories.

Are you left with more questions than answers after reading this? Feel free to ask for clarifications here or in the general questions thread.


Whew, you scared me! I thought I'd missed the prompt, all the writing time, and the reminders! ;)
I wondered if that might happen. I inadvertently did the set up for all of this in a way that means that information is coming out sort of backwards. Hopefully when everything is all caught up, it will all make sense.

(Call for prompts will go up tomorrow.)

I'm with sg_betty on this one. :) I've been internet-less for the last four or five days (and spotty availability at least a week prior to that) and I come back to see that I missed out on the first prompt!!

Whew is right!! *g*

Can't wait to get started!!