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traycer_ in one_prompt

NEW PROMPT: Unsung Heroes

Okay, so I'm a little late with this one, but I think that we can still come up with lots of fantastic fics for this round. Right? In fact, I thought it would be a good time to focus our thoughts on the unsung heroes that help support our favorite people in Stargate! With that in mind, I've chosen a prompt from our list that is right up our alley:

Walter the chevron guy saves the day.

What do you think? Can you come up with something for Walter? Remember, it can be crack!fic, serious, adventure or even all in his own mind. lol Don't forget, it can also be a crossover, so whatever you come up with will be great!! And I'm anxious now to read all about the adventures of Walter the Chevron guy!!

Please post your story/intro to story in this post. All comments are screened until reveal day, December 1st. As always, if you were the one who suggested this prompt, you may comment to this post to identify yourself. Your comment will be unscreened along with the stories. You are also welcome to remain anonymous if you prefer.

There is no theme or challenge for this cycle of stories. Go wherever the prompt takes you as long as it’s an SG-1 story.

A few reminders:

* An overview of the rules can be found at the Front Page.

* Guidelines for posting your story are here.

* Questions? Ask here.

* Even if you post your story in its entirety in the comments to this post, you are encouraged to post it to your personal journal too—just be sure to keep it private until the day of reveal.

Dates to know:

October 1: Prompt revealed

November 31: Primary deadline for story submissions

December 1: Comments (stories) unscreened

December 5: I will create a new post consisting of an index with links to each story. If you want your story to be included in this index, it must be submitted by that date. Stories may be submitted after December 5 and I will do my best to update the index, but please remember that late additions might not be added to the index.

January 1: New prompt announced. Submissions for “Walter the chevron guy saves the day.” will be closed.

Happy writing!


Re: Not Today - Part 2

Oh this was so fun to read! Only Walter would worry about being behind on his paperwork when an Apophis attack in imminent. And sacrificing his latte... he is truly a hero:)

Great job!

Re: Not Today - Part 2

Thanks, I'm glad you liked it! It was fun to write. And yeah, worrying about paperwork while the world might be ending just seemed like something Walter might do. I imagine working at the SGC would really make you pretty immune to imminent disaster. "Wait, what? the end of the world? ...again? meh." :D