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traycer_ in one_prompt

Walter is looking lonely over there by himself...

Well it's been a month, and I thought I would come and check to see if you all are working on a fic for us. I really hope so!!!

The latest prompt is, "Walter the chevron guy saves the day." and there's so much potential for poor Walter.

He likes his job, at least it seemed that way when he was talking to the reporter in "Heroes". And we all know he's smart - as well as slightly ahead of the game when it comes to anticipating General Jack's wants. :) He's an all-around great guy who is muchly under-appreciated by fandom, so this time around we're going to give him his due.


*tries to hear the cheers over the really loud crickets*

Anyway, I'm curious. Are you planning to write a story for this round? It would be great if you could, and please do leave a comment to let us know!