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An SG-1 fic community.
One story prompt has many facets. One Prompt, Many Stories is designed to explore those facets. All participants will create their own stories based on a single prompt.

It all begins with a post calling for prompts. Suggestions will pour in. (Right? Right?) Prompt suggestions will be screened and ongoing. Offering a prompt is not a commitment to write a story.

A new prompt will be posted on the first day of each quarter: January 1, April 1, July 1, and October 1. Or sometime very close to those days. Those who choose to participate will have two months to complete a story. On March 1, June 1, September 1, and December 1, the stories will be revealed. Or sometime very close to those days. We will rejoice, savor the stories for a month, then begin the cycle anew.

Stories may be posted in one of two ways. They can be posted as comment fic by replying to the posted prompt. Comments will be screened until the day of reveal. You may also post the story in your own journal, providing a link to the story in the prompt post comments. Keep the story private on your journal until the stories have gone live here. See here for detailed instructions.

All participants will use the same prompt. From there, what you do with that prompt is up to you. Do want write about Vala and only Vala? Do you want your entire story to be a Daniel Jackson monologue? Do you want to write an epic that incorporates every regular and recurring character that has ever been a part of Stargate SG-1? Go for it! Angst? Humor? Drama? Apocalypse? (hey, we’ve all been there) The possibilities are wide open, within the following parameters:


1. The prompt must be incorporated in the story (obviously).
2. No character bashing.
3. The story must include a rating.
4. The story must list whether it is gen, het, or slash. It must include all appropriate warnings.
5. Neither a minimum nor maximum word count will be required. A short paragraph, a 5,000+ word story, or anything in between are all welcome contributions.
6. Employment of a beta reader is at your discretion, but please be diligent about proofreading and spellchecking your story before posting.
7. This is conceived as an SG-1 story community. However, crossovers with Atlantis or Stargate Universe--or even non-Stargate universes--are invited as long as SG-1 is the primary subject. Proper spoiler protocol must be followed for any story incorporating Stargate Universe.
8. Those who wish to respond to a prompt with artwork are welcome to do so.

Required Story Header:

Pairing: (if applicable)
Rating/Category: (eg, PG13/Gen or R/Slash)
Spoilers: (if applicable)
Notes/Warnings: (if applicable)

Helpful Links

Make your prompt suggestions here.

Detailed instructions for posting of stories here.

Have a question? Ask it here.


Happy writing!